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What We Do

Based in Perth, Western Australia, onQ Oil Solutions is a locally owned and operated company dedicated to supporting your end-to-end commercial oil change and disposal needs.

We will collect and dispose of your used cooking oil, supply new, fresh Canola oil, and clean your fryers in a mess-free, safe and environmentally sustainable way.

Our small, custom-built trucks are fully equipped and designed to get into tricky areas (such as Perth CBD) – something our competitors struggle to do – making us the preferred choice for cafes, delis, small restaurants and bars from Mandurah to Yanchep.

Backed by extensive experience in the food and hospitality industry, our operators pride themselves on providing genuine, customised service, tailored to meet your needs. This means no lock in contracts, extended operating hours and innovative products that are easy to use and store.

Our prices are competitive, our staff are friendly, committed and knowledgeable – trust us with your commercial cooking oil supply, disposal and fryer cleaning needs.

Our Core Services

From oil products and fryer cleaning to used oil collection. We do it all.


We will collect and dispose of your used commercial cooking oil in a clean, safe, hassle-free process so you can focus on your core business.


We work with trusted, experienced partners to ensure your oil is recycled in an environmentally sustainable way.


Leave the time-consuming, messy, dangerous job of cleaning your commercial fryers to the experts. We’ll ensure you’re up and running when you need to be.

The Sustainable Process


Cooking oil is one of the most common types of waste. If disposed of incorrectly, it is a significant contributor to water pollution and can harm entire ecosystems, not to mention attract fines and sanctions.

Ensuring your commercial cooking oil is disposed of in an environmentally sustainable way is important for all businesses.

Our team will safely and without mess, collect your oil and deliver it to a processing facility. From there, the oil is filtered into large storage tanks where it is heated, treated, and converted into biofuels, animal feed products, detergents, soaps, paints and industrial lubricants.

Trust our experts to dispose of your commercial cooking oil properly and you’ll be doing your part to secure a greener future.


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