What is a cooking oil smoke point? Tips and tricks to avoid it.

Ever wonder why cooking oil burns?
Does burnt oil affect food quality?

This blog will explain what is termed “smoke point” and explore practices to follow to produce beautifully tasting dishes.

The smoke point of cooking oil is the maximum temperature oil can reach before smoking occurs. Sounds simple right? But what happens when it starts to smoke? Blue-tinged smoking indicates that the oil has reached and/or surpassed its ideal temperature point and is now beginning to burn the oil.

It is important to know the smoke point of each type of cooking oil you use as each oil has different smoke points. Once the smoke point is surpassed you run the risk of contaminating your fryer and food with horribly tasting and possibly dangerous chemicals while reducing the nutritional and health benefits of the oil. As the oil continues to burn it loses its nutritional density and causes the oil to break down its fat molecules into glycerol and free fatty acids. Not good right? If left unchecked, the glycerol will continue to break down, releasing toxic fumes into the air.

By now you are probably thinking cooking oil is worse than global warming, right? It’s ok, next, we will explore a great cooking oil option, its smoke point and what it can be used for.

Canola oil is the perfect cooking oil as it:

  1. Has a very high smoke point: 204-230°C (400-450°F)
  2. Is a valuable source of vitamin E and cholesterol free.
  3. Holds its place as one of the world’s healthiest cooking oils.

Canola cooking oil is surprisingly versatile and has a relatively neutral taste and a light, airy texture, which makes it suitable for just about any type of cooking. With its high smoke point, it can easily withstand baking, deep-frying, or grilling. This super oil with its superior health benefit makes it a great option for a range of salad dressings and sauteing items like onion or garlic due to its ability to absorb the flavours of all the ingredients. Bees love canola too! The bright yellow flowers of the canola plant from which canola oil is extracted are a thriving habitat and a plentiful food source for honeybees and other bees

While consideration needs to be given to the type of cooking oil you use and the respective smoke point, consider canola cooking oil as your “one shoe fits all” alternative. onQ Oil Solutions supplies premium canola oil with all its valuable health benefits. Contact us today to find a product that suits you.

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