Oil Disposal

Oil Disposal

At onQ Oil Solutions, our team of trained professionals will collect and dispose of your used cooking commercial oil in a clean, safe, hassle-free way, and ensure your fresh oil is ready to go when you need it.

We understand the importance of having fresh, quality oil to ensure your food tastes the way it’s meant to. We also understand the challenges and hazards associated with changing your oil and cleaning your fryers.

That’s why we offer fast, safe, spill-free collection and unique “Bag and box” replacement oil solutions.

Our “bag and box” products come in 15 or 20 litres which are easier to stack and store, easier to pour and easier to manoeuvre than cooking oil vats. They also require less maintenance and reduce the electrical risks that come with pumps and cables in traditional bulky oil storage containers. This makes them ideal for cafes, bars and small restaurants who prefer mess-free, quality oil storage solutions.

Plus, our small, custom-built trucks are fully equipped and designed to get into tricky areas (such as Perth CBD) – something our competitors struggle to do.

Trust onQ Oil Solutions with your oil supply and disposal needs.

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